Annual Pledging


We are grateful to all who have given generously, even sacrificially, from your monetary resources in the past year. We are also especially grateful to those who share extraordinarily of their time and talent, whether they are able to make substantial monetary contributions or not.

What we are asking each of us to do this year, is to consider utilizing a method called proportional giving. Basically we are inviting each of us to look at our net income and to look at our current pledge and calculate what percent of our net income is being given to St. Mark's.

Recognizing that most of us have other charitable commitments and priorities, and a wide variety of other pressures on our incomes, can we at least ask ourselves: Could I increase my pledge to St. Mark's from 1% of net to 2 or 3%, or from 5% to 6 or 8%, or from 10% to 11 or 12%, or even more if one is able? If we all consider stretching even just a little, the fruits of our stewardship campaign could make a real difference in the potential life and ministry of this parish.



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