Our Church Staff

Parish Secretary - Cecilia Quintero

Cecilia is often the public face of St. Mark’s Church as she answers the telephone and greets visitors with courtesy and graciousness. She manages the parish calendar, the use of our buildings by outside groups, and the rental of spaces in our parking lot. She oversees the production of our service bulletins and our monthly newsletter, “Markings,” she coordinates schedules for a variety of lay ministries, and keeps the parish prayer list up to date. She does much to keep the Priest in Charge on track and on schedule, and periodically reminds him to take a day off.

Sexton - Misael Enamorado

Misael serves as Sexton at St. Mark’s Church. That title belies a very broad set of responsibilities. He functions as building manager of our more than one hundred year old building which is almost constantly in need of some sort of repair. He knows the building well and with versatile skills and a deep knowledge of St. Mark’s, is often able to provide repairs without calling in costly outside help. The cleanliness of St. Mark’s is a tribute to his faithful efforts. He is responsive to the emergency calls which come with aging heating, plumbing, and security systems. Misael also is responsible for the care and oversight of the Columbarium and the Church and Rectory grounds.




Working with a group of volunteer teachers, Heather has created what we call a “One Room School House” style Sunday School. While each Sunday’s is rooted in a Bible Story selected for the day, the teachers plan a number of activities which are adapted to the needs of the relatively small numbers of children and their often unpredictable attendance.

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